BJJ Articles for New and High Level Practioners

Let's Roll


All of us adore training BJJ, despite the fact that it’s a contact sport that is close. Skin diseases aren’t a routine event by any means, but they are able to occur, and several suggestions to protect yourself can allow you to reduce the likelihood of you being exposed to the accurate price of BJJ hygiene... Read more

Rules for beginners

Thing that piss people off which you should know about, although you’ve got taken the plunge to learn BJJ. I’ve come up with some jiujitsu manners rules every beginner should know. That is no inclusive listing, but you won’t be going far wrong if you really cherish it. Don’t walk-on the pads in your sneakers or... Read more

Grappling Gear

Do you enjoy getting kneed in the old rucksack? How about velocity induced tooth extraction? Or the joy of cauliflower ears? Cauliflower Ear You can look forward to all of that and more unless you know exactly what safety gear to wear. Here are the big three: Groin Protection Mouth Guard Headgear (Ear Guards) Everyone, male... Read more

Communication the name of the game

If you’ve read my article on communication entitled ~ Speak, Listen & Learn, you know how important it is to be able to speak up and get other people to understand you. Perhaps the most critical time that’s true is when we need to get our training partner to slow down and go at an easier... Read more


Quick Review Dynamic Kneebars by Stephan Kesting is excellent. Dynamic Kneebars’ production is well done. It has a nice set, good camera work, clean audio and tight editing. The DVD also has a complete menu so you can jump to the exact information you want. Mr. Kesting’s instruction is systematic, detailed and concise. He provides dozens... Read more